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Hello my name is Denis and I make the odd drop of cider.

Welcome to my website and online shop!

Lets get one thing straight from the start. Although we all need to make a living, I am not in this for the money, to me cider is a vocation, a passion, maybe even my calling.

My practice is very intuitive and some would say unorthodox. I have an idea, generally at the grading table in the orchard where I get to know the fruit and I pursue this idea to present the best ciders possible.

I work without compromise, I am not interested in the median, I want to make the best I can and I don't hurry my products to market for a fast buck. As a result you can rest assured that when my ciders come to market, they are at their best. This means that there is variation in my product range, year on year you may see different products as the fruit dictates, yet hopefully there is a cider to suit all palettes at all times.



Photo courtesy David Garwood. 

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